Ashoka Chile, Observatory Against Street Harassment and Universal Project join ColungaHUB

July 30, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

There are more than 40 organizations that make up this collaborative work platform that offers spaces, training, meetings and debates among various actors from civil society, academia, the public and private sectors.

Every day ColungaHUB is adding new members and this time we are very happy to receive Ashoka Chile, Observatory Against Street Harassment Y Universal Project.

"We decided to be part of the community because the driving force of all our initiatives is collaboration and trust, and Colunga gives us both. Collaboration with all organizations within the HUB, intended by the internal team of Colunga that offers us learning and connection opportunities. Trust because it is an organization with years of experience and with prestige and validity in the ecosystem ", highlights Valentina Valech, Director of Ashoka Chile.

From the Observatory Against Street Harassment they also emphasize collaboration as one of the reasons to make ColungaHUB the first home of OCAC Chile. "We believe that different organizations bring together a collaborative dialogue, promoting innovative ideas to common problems. In this way, we bet on the synergy of different organizations, since we have the conviction that working together opens new solutions to new and old problems. Our goal to be in ColungaHUB is to enrich our work through collaboration, and at the same time to contribute to the existing cooperative synergy with other foundations and NGOs, betting on the growth of everyone ", says María José Guerrero, President of the organization.

"It is impossible to change the world alone, but it is possible to have a great impact if we work under a common agenda and scale up solutions. We believe that Colunga is just that: A platform to collaborate in the co-construction of solutions of great impact for the reduction of inequalities and the search for human sustainability. Therefore, we seek to find value within what others do, and be able to add value to others with what we do. We seek to be the technical arm of the community: a large number of organizations work on various issues such as education, health, gender, and their projects at some point meet a spatial or infrastructure need. We believe that Universal Project can provide a lot of value, offering free or reduced-cost technical advice to organizations and social groups that require it, "he adds. Luisa Acosta, General Coordinator of Universal Project.

Meet the new organizations of ColungaHUB:

Ashoka Chile
The efforts of Ashoka Chile aim to promote a society in which people have the motivation and tools to be agents of positive change. To achieve this, they work collaboratively with strategic allies (fellows, universities, civil society organizations, public sector, private sector and media) forming teams to accelerate the innovation ecosystem in Chile and the training of agents of change.
Location: Office floor 3 

Observatory Against Street Harassment Chile 
OCAC seeks to contribute to the eradication of different types of sexual harassment in different spaces (labor, on-line, public spaces, educational), visibilizing and problematizing the issue as a manifestation of gender violence from a feminist analysis, promoting educational, political and legal actions at the national level.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1


Universal Project
Universal Project is a social organization that works to install capacity in remote territories connecting with local agents and offering them the technical advice of professionals committed to social change to reduce the levels of inequality, integrally improve the habitat and open opportunities for the future.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Universal Project in Haiti

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