Articulate and build community: the projections for 2019 in ColungaHUB

March 27, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Representatives of all the organizations of ColungaHUB met to officially start the year 2019, working and sharing their vision on how to build a more collaborative network.

As part of the rites of Colunga, the first meeting was held with representatives of all organizations working in "the foundation building". A work day that reflected the common interest to generate a space of collaboration and interconnection with other components of civil society.

Foundations like Mujer Rise, Interpreta, Probono and Fútbol Más, were part of the work day that also served to present the new organizations that are integrated into the building: Technovation, Flying in V, Valiant Girls, SocialxChange and the Observatory Against Street Harassment

In reference to the work done during the day, Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga, said: "You can see that there is a vibrant community that dreams of a different Chile, which shows us that collaboration is an effective way to challenge the conditions of inequality and exclusion that Chilean society is experiencing ".

Currently there are 45 foundations working in ColungaHUB. More than 300 people from different areas who share the same vision: build a new country. Bernardita Peñafiel, Executive Director of Volando en V, says: "It is good to be able to feel that we contribute to a community. That must be one of the reasons why one wants to be part of this network. " Volando en V works to strengthen the dynamics of school coexistence and prevention of bullying and it is one of the newest foundations of the building.

Inicio de 2019 en ColungaHUB

On the expectations of work for this 2019, the conclusion was unanimous: generate new spaces of interconnection, where they can germinate projects together and solve the needs of society with more complete solutions.

"To be able to advance in collaborative work. To continue strengthening and cultivating these links of horizontality and cooperation that we have been developing. Strengthen this look that we have together to transform our reality and make a country much more fair and inclusive, "are the expectations of the Executive Director of Mujer Rise up, Sergio Chacón, on what is expected to be done during 2019.

In the same vein, Tomás Lawrence, Executive Director of Fundación Interpreta, adds: "Generating a space for conversation and listening to the more than 40 organizations that are here, to build the guidelines we are going to work on, is very important. And not just for the fact of sharing a space, but for generating changes from the inside out. "

"These spaces allow us to feel heard, that we are part of the complete HUB. Basically, it allows us to identify the DNA of the organizations that work in Colunga ", concludes Lawrence.

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