América Solidaria opens applications for alliances

December 16, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The organization will receive, until January 15, 2020, the applications of the foundations that want to join so that no child in America suffers violation or exclusion.

The invitation he makes America Solidaria It is to work on urgent issues for children and adolescents (from 0 to 18 years old) living in poverty and exclusion; build a working and friendship alliance with children and adolescents in the center; and generate, together, quality and sustainable projects that improve the reality of childhood life in Chile and the Americas.

The idea is that these projects aim at strengthening the interventions or processes that allied organizations carry out, and that have a positive impact on the reality of children and adolescents. Its duration ranges from 1 to 3 years.


Field intervention: Projects that, through the incorporation of volunteer professionals, strengthen the work carried out directly with children and adolescents.

Organizational Strengthening: Projects that, through the work of volunteer professionals, contribute to organizational strengthening. They could relate to support areas such as communication, administration, financing, among others.


Nonprofit organizations can apply with:

- National, regional or local presence, in Chile or in other countries of America.

-Focus on child labor in situations of poverty and exclusion, linked to the following causes: inclusion and disability, promotion and protection of rights, interculturality, nutrition and / or education.

-Ability to implement a joint project and for the management of volunteer professionals.

- Ideal organizational and administrative structure (example: registration in official records, balance sheets, reports, hired staff, etc.).

More information and applications in the following link:

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