Alliance Communication and Poverty distinguishes the best journalistic works with social focus

January 18, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The contest "Poor the one that does not change of sight", organized by the Communication and Poverty Alliance, which brings together the Foundation for Overcoming Poverty, Hogar de Cristo, America Solidarity Foundation and Community of Solidarity Organizations, awarded the journalistic works of 2018 that managed to change the view about poverty.

Since 2006, this alliance has distinguished journalists and communicators who addressed issues of poverty, with stories that allow a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon and strategies to overcome it.

Meet the winners 2018:

Better news in the written press: The "bakero", the dead forgotten of a violent Wednesday in La Pintana, Patricio Pino, The Second - WATCH

Better reportage in the written press: Aporophobia: fear of the poor, Juan Cruz Giraldo and Laura Fernández Mena, Friday Magazine - WATCH

Better television news: Learning to read at 70 years old, María José Soto and Fernando González, Teletrece - WATCH

Best television report: Public Hospitals: Die waiting, Santiago Pavlovic, Special Report - WATCH

Best documentary: The water is from the valley, Javier Cifuentes - WATCH

Better radio news coverage: When bingo is not enough: Know the pellejerías that a Longaví school went through, Davor Gjuranovic and Christian Barreau, Radio Concert - WATCH

Better digital production: Invisible women: the underworld of the toilet that revealed the death of Margarita Ancacoy, Gabriela Pizarro, CIPER - WATCH

Best transmedia publication: Nightmare behind bars: Innocents who are imprisoned by mistake, Paz Fernández, Francesca Cassinelli and Christian Rojas, 24 Hours - WATCH

Best Editorial Contribution: The War and Peace of Nadda Hamlawi, Gazi Jalil and Francisco Javier Olea, Saturday Magazine - WATCH

Best Regional Contribution: The lights and shadows after leaving life in a camp, Camila Núñez, The Austral of Osorno - WATCH

Best International Contribution: Hatred for the poor comes out of the darkness, Miguel Ángel Medina, El País, Spain - WATCH

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