Indian activist proposes a new form of government where all people are included

December 14, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Edwin Maria John participated in more than 25 activities in Santiago Y Antofagasta, making known Sociocracy, a new form of citizen participation to govern. His visit was also marked by his speech on child inclusion in decision-making, through the Children's Parliaments.

Visita de Edwin Maria John a Chile

Almost a thousand people had the opportunity to attend one of the activities that was chaired by the leader of the United Nations, Edwin Maria John, during the 20 plus days of his visit to our country, invited by the Colunga Foundation Y America Solidaria.

In these instances, the activist had time to present ideas about the Sociocracy, a subject that mobilizes him and that he explains as "a new way of make government from the bases, that raises that all citizens can be part through different organizations at the level of neighborhood, commune, etc. The idea is that these groups are organized, through three key principles: equivalence, transparency Y effectiveness, and be able to self-manage and self-correct, distributing power and making decisions ". 

The visit of Edwin Maria John to our country, responds to the processes of learning in child and youth participation, a topic that occupies the organizing foundations and that with his visit is expected to develop. For Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga: "Innovations from the field give us many lessons on how to build more horizontal, democratic and, at the same time, more effective organizations. Sociocracy and dynamic governance can be a key tool for the changes we seek. "

During his visit, the international activist for children's rights, met with representatives of Sename, María Ayuda, Corporación Opción, Fundación AcercaRedes, the Observatory of Children and Adolescents, the Children's Ombudsman, as well as Corfo (among others) ), generating interest so that there is greater participation of boys and girls in public policies.

In these instances he commented his extensive experience with the participation of children in decision-making, through the Children's Parliaments. In India, Maria John has worked with more than 200 thousand girls and boys organized in parliaments and has managed to influence decisions at the country level. In our country, managed to make some pilots: in Santiago and Antofagasta. In these instances the children managed to organize themselves in groups of 30, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and also had the opportunity to discuss issues and expose situations aware of their realities, seeking solutions to their local problems.

"Where public policies do not arrive, there will be a girl who says that her voice must be heard; Where public policies do not arrive there will be a child who will know what their rights are and can be enforced; Where there is a vulnerable childhood, there will be girls and boys with networks that will be able to ask for help and reverse situations of abuse ", affirmed the Executive Director of América Solidaria Internacional, Sebastián Zulueta.

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