The Other Reformation: Your innovation in the classroom

The Other Reformation: Your innovation in the classroom

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The Other Reformation: Your innovation in the classroom

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Innovative Fund



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142 projects


4 projects

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This call, organized by Fundación Colunga and Fundación Chile in 2015, it was aimed at teams and educational initiatives in the pilot phase that used pedagogical tools, methodologies and innovative didactics to work on the development of relevant skills and competences in the areas of school coexistence, interculturality and 21st century skills.

The contest "The Other Reformation" proposed to broaden the view, beyond the bills that were under discussion at that time, to innovate in the education of children and young people in Chile, especially those who live in conditions of greater vulnerability .

This call -initiated on June 17 until July 27, 2015- managed to gather 142 proposals throughout the country, and won four winning projects. 

The winners were supported with economic resources, consultancies and mentoring during a period of nine months, with the participation of the Colunga Foundation and the Center for Innovation in Education and the Platform of Entrepreneurship of Fundación Chile.

Meet the winners of The Other Reformation: 

Summer Trampoline - Foundation Course Council: consists of a summer educational program of 5 weeks for students in transition to third or fourth grade, with a focus on the promotion and development of reading skills.

Life project Cunco Chico - Fundación Educaraucanía: seeks to guide, support, give opportunities and strengthen the students of the basic rural school San Francisco de Cunco Chico (Araucanía Region) so that they are able to build the trajectory that will allow them to achieve their personal development goals.

#HipHopEd - Social Hip Hop NGO: Hip Hop approach to promote learning processes and development of 21st century skills (seventh and eighth grade), by stimulating creativity applied to the solution of individual and community problems, training teachers, intervening classes and audiovisual systematization.

Peer learning - Peer Foundation: 21st century teaching strategies for students and teachers (all subjects and levels). Training and accompaniment in methodologies that encourage dialogue, discussion, exchange, reflection and collaborative work through 40 different structures and with a manual already developed.

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